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I did a fast search and didn't see any mention of this film here yet. I know Ginsberg is not popular around here and I'm no big fan of his myself. However, I've always liked "Howl" and was very curious to see what this film might do with the subject matter. Let me sum it up quickly:

Franco grew a beard for this role but didn't gain weight or wear prosthetic teeth. Superficial observation on my part ? Sure. But it demonstrates just how shallow his performance was in this film. He truly phoned it in for this one.

Screenplay ? We don't need no stinking screenplay ! Yes, all of the dialogue is created from the court transcripts. Wait - did I say created ? I meant to say unimaginatively and mindlessly culled like a spider-bot harvests data on the internet. Next time just send me to a law library to do it myself.

And don't get me started on the animation of the poem itself.

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It hasn't come out in France yet; I am waiting for it...

... just for the cute James Franco. :D
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number6horse: you nailed it. My exact words to my wife were: "why do directors think they can make a good film without having a good script?" and "the animation added nothing." I like Ginsberg and was hugely disappointed with this film. There is so much they could have done with San Francisco, the 1950s, the Beats. Instead, we got to see cartoon dragons explicating "Howl." The whole thing felt like a High School Lit class project.

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