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Hello, I signed up to this thing today after being aware of the site for a while. I'm a 41-year-old English poet/ writer with a liking for Bukowski (if not his imitators). Am looking forward to talking to other members.

I'm not on death row, by the way. The nickname actually comes from someone's dog who was rescued the day before it was due to be put down because of overcrowding in a dog pound.
Hey Dog,
I don't usually read blogs, etc....
But your line about the '1980's condensed to 48 hours'
Caught my eye somehow,
ANd I'm afraid to sleep now.
(I know, show, don't tell, but i think you should expound a bit)
The 80s and The Imitators

Who are the imitators?
There are a lot of them in the small presses. Buk's the patron saint of small press poets even now, and a lot of them have absorbed his ideas and his style so completely from reading him (and it's easy to do), they write like his children. I've done it myself, though I try not to. I always think the best compliment you can pay to an original is by being original yourself, isn't it?

Glad you noticed something to interest you on the blog, zoom man. Most of them are pretty dull affairs, though there's one called "Skullbolt" which features some really fine writing ( ).The line about "the 80s condensed into 48 hours" is easily explained. I spent most of the decade in my house writing bad poetry (so much has changed), going on occasional benders with cheap beer bought at the supermarket, and ruminating bitterly on the meaninglessness of life in general. I only worked for about 8 months of the entire decade. Had to waste my time working ever since, of course.
The Names

Are you a lawyer by trade?

David Pointer
Ivan Wallace

~There's three!

Many more whose names I've forgotten...

The Noise Above The Garage guy...

Half the poets on "Zygote in my Coffee"...

Fair poets, all, and some (if not all) better than me. But what I'm saying is, I'm not interested in reading poets who are too close in style or spirit to Buk. What he does is his thing, and when he does it I think it's great. The rest look very pale in his shadow...

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