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Thanks, Billville, I'll try and surf and see if I can get to watch some of the programs. Maybe I'll get lucky despite the fact that, "For now, Hulu is a U.S. service only.", as they say on the site...
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gerard: i've been wanting to see that ever since i saw it mentioned on but it's never available at the video store.
Net Flix has it and start from the beginning. Net Flix offers online instant feed-if you have a good connection. It's odd that I find half of the characters very irritating, yet I still watch it, like a car accident.
Yeah, we saw that one via Netflix too. Netflix actually finances a lot of DVD releases that are Netflix-exclusive, so there are things you can only get through them.
Ah Netflix... my wife and I plunked down the cash for the Roku box and gave the finger to our cable company since they seemed intent on doing the same to us (seriously, who disconnects cable on Super Bowl Sunday?).

So that, and Hulu, have been invaluable for our Colbert watching and general movie watching. In fact... I'm off to watch Dawn of the Dead now. Nothin' like some zombie killing to get the testosterone flowing!

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