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Yo Bukites,
Huncke here[I'm from the east coast and knew the original Huncke though I'm not really a fan of Beats per se] Very nice to find this place. I let my humble collection of Bukowski items go back in the late 90's [for me, the early days of ebay] as I needed a 60's Gibson L5ces[vintage guitar] at the time.

The articles from Small Press Review and All's Normal Here are pieces I thought I'd never see again. Thanks for posting them.
I do have one unusual Buk item which you guys might help to identify
I'll post it in the section on books but for now here goes

8 and 1/2 by 5 and 1/2 chapbook in blue wraps.
Cover says simply, Charles Bukowski
2nd page in red paper says ARBUTUS PRESS
There is no colophon page
25 poems are collected
Does anyone know this collection?
Any idea of the date? It is almost certainly a bootleg. As such, it would not be valuable (unless it was VERY early), but they are pretty cool to see. Can you give us a scan?

that's where all the best guys come from.


I have a Herbert Huncke book here that I haven't cracked yet.

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