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Has anyone noticed the Hustler archive with Buk?
mostly 1976, but he was in a few. I went to the site and thought about maybe buying one. Has anyone else purchased or looked?
You got me curious and I checked further. There are other Bukowski titles listed for 1977 and 1985; I entered a Goog search for "Hustler archive, Bukowski" and the info came right up. (Lots of things usually come up with Hustler. . .) The 'Buksperts' on this newsgroup are probably way ahead of us in knowing about this material. . . In an alternative universe, it would have been fun to see an actual edition of The Bukowski Hustler Reader, full of his finest and most profound stories, pictures included, and have it taught in the same university classes as Alfred Lord Tennyson: "Spread-eagle 101." I might have shown up for class.


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many of the stories featured in Hustler remain uncollected.

there are also quite a bunch of uncollected stories published in the 80's by Oui and High Times mags.
Ok so I thought about it...and bought two of them that featured an interview with Buk-
But the high times; what years? i do have some of those....:cool:
high times late 70's and early 80's...
i can't recall who had a list (came across it on the internet), but there is a comprehensive list of the 'mens' mags BUK appeared in, alongside the High Times, Interview(s) (just picked up the M.J. Fox one last week for a loonie (canadian dollar) last week at a used bookstore), nice!


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At least these ones:

HIGH TIMES (Jan. 1982)
story ["My War of 1939"??]

HIGH TIMES (Nov. 1982, #87)
"The Player" [Uncollected]

HIGH TIMES (Jan. 1983, #89)

HIGH TIMES (March 1983, #91)
"Home Run" (aka "Drink whiskey and carry a big stick") [published]

HIGH TIMES (May 1983, #93)
"No Love Songs" [published]

HIGH TIMES (june 1983, #94)
Letter to the editor

HIGH TIMES (July 1983, #95)
"The Jockey" [published]

HIGH TIME (August 1983, #96)
"Bring Me Your Love"

HIGH TIMES (Sept. 1983, #97)

HIGH TIMES (October 1983, #98)

HIGH TIMES (Dec. 1983, #100)

HIGH TIMES (Jan. 1984, #101)
Notes - "Block" (aka "What I Did for Art")

HIGH TIMES (Feb. 1984, #102)
Notes - "No Wing High"

HIGH TIMES (March 1984, #103)

HIGH TIMES (may 1984, #105)

HIGH TIMES (June 1984, #106)
"Distractions in the Literary Life" [uncollected]

HIGH TIMES (July, 1984)

HIGH TIMES (August, 1984, #108)

HIGH TIMES (Sept. 1984, #109)

HIGH TIMES (Oct., 1984, #110)
"My Friend the Gambler" [uncollected]

HIGH TIMES (Dec 1984, #112)
"Death of the Father II" [published]
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OUI (Sept., 1981)
1 story $20

OUI (Jan 1984)
"Fly the Friendly Skies" [uncollected]

OUI (Apr., 1984)
1 story

OUI (June, 1984)
1 story

OUI (July, 1984)
1 story

OUI (Aug., 1984)
1 story

OUI (Oct., 1984)
"What Happened to the Loving and Laughing Girl in the Gingham Dress?"

OUI (Nov., 1984)
1 story

OUI (Feb. 1985)
"The Ladies' Man of East Hollywood" [uncollected]

OUI (Mar., 1985)
1 story

OUI (June, 1985)
1 story
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HUSTLER v3n5 (1976)
1 story
HUSTLER (Dec, 1976)
Charles Bukowski -- Dialog with a Dirty Old Man" by Bruce David.

HUSTLER (March 1977)
"The Big Dope Reading" [uncollected]

HUSTLER (July, 1977)
"Workout" [uncollected]

HUSTLER (Oct., 1977)
"3 Chickens"

HUSTLER (May, 1978)
"An Affair of Very Little Importance" [uncollected]

HUSTLER (Nov., 1978)
1 story

HUSTLER (Mar., 1979)
"Break-In" [uncollected]

HUSTLER (THE BEST OF) Vol.4 (1979)
1 story
HUSTLER (July, 1985)
"The Lady With the Legs" [uncollected]
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very nice...
any lists for ADAM, KNIGHT (I have a few of those with BUK, great stuff!). I believe there was also old GALLERY appearances, German Playboy/Penthouse...
It was a couple times. I have a bunch of issues of Hustler here with Buk. I am looking to sell. I'm a Buk collector, not a Hustler collector for the record...

Contact me at [email protected] if interested. I may have all of the Hustler/Buk issues for a fair price.


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