I Am Afraid That I Will Continue To Drink Myself To Death... - Kauri #11, 1965


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Ha. Very interesting. I always wondered if he didn't answer that Miller letter in one way or another. The poem title is great too!

Thanks a lot, marina del rey.


If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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Nice and wow.


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yes thanks! i asked if anyone had this one a month or so ago. i thought the title was great....


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Another great Bukowski poem. "Goldfish like me." Who else would give you that line?


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That was awesome! And I guess, if he never officially drew a cat, we can say he drew a horse?
Thanks MDR, you rock as usual!


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Thanks for the post. Enjoyed this one a few months ago when I downloaded it. Enjoyed it again tonight. Thought I should thankie!