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Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
I am looking for a good name for a painting show.

We are two, the other being krzysztof doniewski.

The city is lending us a beautiful space in an old stone building for 2 months, early december to late January.
I am showing my buk paintings and some crazy stuff. Krzystof, beautiful landscapes and flowers.
About 25 pieces each. We can only have one title for the expo. It is difficult to think of something that represents both of our works.
Any suggestions? the title has to be in french and english.
I though of uncensured colors, couleurs non censurées.
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Hey, that's awesome, Black Swan. Congrats!
A title? I'll see if I can come up with one.
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Roni, Pot Brownie Massacre sounds good. That's if I were alone, then it'd make perfect sense!
Mark73, I actually like it, we are getting hot.

Milleflore, Bukowski and other poetic landscapes.... Another 3 weeks to Ponder.
Great! Throw in a couple of x-rated movies then and you've got it made! You'll be the most popular and famous artist in Canada overnight. :D
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Can you post some of your crazy stuff and some of Krzysztof Doniewski's paintings ? It would be easier to suggest you titles if we can have a look at your work. ;)
being painfully 'now' it would have to be 'where the wild things grow'. But that would of course be plain exploitation!

so just 'An exploration of Life - Still or otherwise' :)
I can't come up with a damn thing except to suggest using the words "horizon" or "horizons" somehow. Landscapes involve horizons and crazy stuff is out on the horizon... ???
Free Colors, Imaginative colors, Living Colors, Confounded Colors, Colors Of Consent, Confederate Colors, Conciliatory Colors, Concerning Colors, Conceptual Colors, Colors And Beyond, - and ditto Landscapes. :D
Thank you all for giving me ideas to play with.

Bukfan, that was a storm!

My partner Krzysztof and I chose a simple title since our styles and subjects are quite different but we both use very bold colors.

We wanted to use few words and have bigger letters on the sign.

Thank you David for checking my grammar.

here is the title:

Couleurs Interdites, Forbidden Colors

Why should we not paint life with forbidden colors?....

People can help themselves to a copy of buk scene 1? They will and as of the last photo it looks like some did. Or maybe they paid. I recognize a few paintings it looks great. I hope you have good reviews too.
WOW, this is beautiful!!!

I wish I was there, having a drink in hand, wandering from pic to pic. Slowly.
Did you sell something?
Great looking exhibition! Nice room with lots of spotlights for the paintings.
Congrats, Black Swan!
nice looking space.

(space! ain't I the artsy fartsy!).

seriously, very nice. hope you sold something.

The space is just beautiful, we are very lucky to have access to such a nice old building. It is an old stone building alongside Lake Saint Louis.
The show is going well. I sold 2 at the opening and a third one is being negociated.
The portraits of Bukowski and Richmond make people smile. Buk Scene was on sale on a table
Old ladies smiled at Georgia and Tina. It was fun watching. I hope to keep them longer. I am attached to most. Hollywood sold, I will miss it. Many memories attached.:eek:

A drink for everyone!

Buk copie.jpg

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