I am interested in writing a critical biography of Bukowski (1 Viewer)

I am interested in writing a critical biography of Bukowski. Any thoughts on this? I plan on exploring more of his written output than the life, though I do realize that at most times the two are irrevocably entwined.

Thanks, Paul
cirerita has researched and read every scrap of Bukowski's available work, so he'll probably have some insight for you. Bukowski's archives are kind of spread out; USC, Santa Barbara, somewhere in New Mexico or Arizona, a lot of Black Sparrow stuff in Canada...good luck. It's quite a mountain to climb.
Not sure of the approach as of yet . . . what HASN'T been done? That's one critereria for considering this project. I have a cpl of reputable publishers interested, but I do not want to tread on ground already trampled to death by others.
methinks you have come upon the topic!
perhaps more will be (is) written about bukowski than he himself had written - such is the case with shakespeare - why not bukowski? each in their time wrote of the mood - the political sway - the things which flat pissed them off!
bukowski flipped the bird - showed them the 'bow finger' and loudly farted as he exited stage left...budwiser in hand...mumbling to himself in a hamlet like delivery...
he always left me laughing - at myself - at 'us' - or some segmented bit of society...


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