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Hi all,

I'm a 30 yo dude from Buenos Aires. Last year I was lucky enough to travel to LA for work and was able to check out some landmarks of Hank's life and death. Spent a nice sunset next to his earthly remains, visited the Pink Elephant, Bukowski Court in DeLongpre and also a street he describes in one of his poem I can't remember now.

A friend and my brother introduced me to Bukowski. I used to hate poems until I read a couple of poems he wrote.

I know the forum for some time now, but I registered to solve a specific question.
In post office there's this line:
"Just like some guys can't taxi or pimp or hustle dope, most guys, and gals too, can't be postal clerks."

I can't grasp the meaning Buk wanted to imply by using taxi as a verb. It sounds like slang but couldn't find an accurate definition of what it might mean. The two more plausible candidates of definition I guess are:

. to drive a cab
. as a reference to male prostitution ( taxi-boy )

Is there any anglophone can confirm any of those meanings or provide a better one?

Having said that, thank you very much and glad to be here.

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