I drink, I gamble and I write...: The making of Barfly (1 Viewer)

Nice find! It's new to me too. That must be the extra they left out of the reissued DVD, together with the commentary track.
Let's hope it stays on Youtube.
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I think Bukfan means the recently licensed German (English language, PAL R2) DVD.


Plus, I think the Australian DVD and Bluray from Shock Records is licensed too.
As far as I know there hasn't yet been a reissue. That Greek version you see everywhere is a bootleg (which is why the extras aren't there).

I was thinking of the one on Amazon from 2009. It says on the back, "Distributed by Pueblo film on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC. and made available in Australia exclusively through Shock DVD....2009".
So, I guess it's an Australian version they sell on Amazon. I bought it and it's got no extras.

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Hello, I'm Brazilian, and now I apologize for my bad English.

I am author of the only Brazilian blog about Bukowski. The link is www.velhobukowski.blogspot.com

We have little information translated into Portuguese in Brazil, and I'm doing everything possible to translate the readings of poems, for the Portuguese. Books of poems by Bukowski, only one is in Portuguese, "Love is a dog from hell", so you can understand the lack of information we have from Buk.

But still, I try to get by, picking poems in Spanish and English ... well I'll slowly translating.

Well, actually, I've been asking for a favor for you. The only thing we ask is that caption This video ... in English even ... just write what people talk about the video. In a file. Txt or. Doc, whatever.

If you do me this favor, I would find a way to translate. I understand well what they say in the video, but my English is not 100% ...

Well, my email is [email protected] and I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me. Sorry for any grammatical mistake, hehe.

I await any reply and thank you in advance. Hugs.
This stuff is always useful to have, so why not?

Happy Birth-minus 2 days-day, Bukowski... And hello Brasil.

"I drink, I gamble and I write...: "The Making of Barfly'"​

Bukowski: "No matter what you do in life, people are gonna say you do it for another reason than what you're doing it. I just do it because I do it, like a spider makes a web, a fish swims - I drink and I gamble and I write."​

Narrator: "We're on the set of "Barfly', a film that marks the screenwriting debut of veteran poet Charles Bukowski. "Barfly' is shot entirely on the streets and in the bars of down-town Los Angeles. "I come from the streets and I know the streets", writes Bukowski, but what does Bukowski know about the life of a barfly?"​

Bukowski: "I was a barfly. And I would open the bar and I would close the bar. And I had no money. I was a place to be. It was my home."​

Faye Dunaway as "Wanda': "(Laughs) You're the damndest barfly I've ever seen."​

See PDF attached for more...


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Ha ... Nice blog:

Monday, August 15, 2011
Video: Making of the movie 'Barfly'
Hello, after a long process of translation, synchronization, rendering and uploading finally managed to finish the video of the Making of Barfly. Thanks to all the good people at Bukowski.net

I guess I imagined that last part.

The subtitles do look well synchronised, so good job on that. Also, adding a watermark to the manuscripts completely disguises the fact that they've been liberated from... wherever they were liberated from :rolleyes:
Hey, okay guys?

I feel the total lack of respect not to post credits. Is that here in Brazil, the forums are totally disorganized, when a member helps another, it's just a "thank you" you know? But apparently the Bukowski.net is quite different. I put there in the credits page of the making of Barfly

When I get home, you can be sure I'll change all the watermarks of the manuscripts and the time line, okay?

The blog has less than 2 weeks old and is having about 200 hits a day, and they only began to rise after I posted the subtitled video of the Manking of Barfly. I am grateful for your help. When you come back from college I will change all watermarks.

Well, you know, excuse any mistakes in English, and once again, thanks for the help ;)
need to keep the blog name because of the extreme level of plagiarism that occurs in Brazil.
You're kidding, right? Do you have irony in Brazil? You understand that you plagiarized the timeline from this site, don't you?

The timeline is not a joint venture between you and bukowski.net, so take your fucking name off of it.
Look man, I'm doing everything possible to remedy the error, ok?

When I speak of plagiarism, I say blogs by other Brazilians, who could take advantage of my translation.

And that's all. It changed all the watermarks. Admit the mistake and corrected him. Now, you decide if you still complaining, guy.
In case you want to store the movie somewhere on your computer's hard drive or some other place, here's a standalone movie I stole downloaded from YT.
Don't say I never did anything for you :D.

P.S. Thank you Johannes.
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