"I Fucked White Supremacist Ann Coulter in the Ass, Hard" (1 Viewer)


old and in the way
'...get ready to stuff the only thing interesting about you into the sloppy end of my digestive tract.'
"Which end is that?'

Ha... made me spit up my coffee when I read that. Thanks for the links.
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not bad,really not bad...though i dont know who white supremacist AnnCoulter is...Condoleezza Rices sister? one of her old hookerFriends?



she is the spawn of satan...

Actually, she is just a soulless wonk that says outrageous things to keep her name in the news and keep selling crap books. The truth has nothing to do with it. She makes up her own truth. Really a piece of human garbage.



lothario speedwagon
during bill maher's stand up one time, he mentions here, and the crowd starts booing... so he says, "oh come on, she's much different... when she's coming!"

made me laugh.

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