I got a bunch of Bukowski novels in the mail! (1 Viewer)

i ordered HAM ON RYE, POST OFFICE and WOMEN and finally got them delivered last week. these novels were pretty hard to find in indian bookstores. so i sent for them on website which allowed you to pay byu cash on delivery (i dont have a credit card). i cannot wait to read them.

but i have some other books to finish before i read the bukowski novels. i want to finish all my backlog of half read novels before i sink into bukowski. i have only read FACTOTUM and HOLLYWOOD by bukowski so far. i have been eagerly searching for his novels for atleast two years. but indian bookstores never seen to stock them.
Happy reading!

If you want to read the novels as a "timeline", (which I suggest) start
with Ham on Rye, re read Factotum, Post Office is next and finally you'll
reach nirvana of Women.
cheers, ponder. should i get PULP as well? and maybe some short story collections? i dont think i will re read FACTOTUM. because i re read it in december.
'Pulp' is very different from the other novels. I personally like it, but there are many cats around, who don't. Since it seems not easy for you to get your hands on Bukowski-books, you may be happier with 'safer' (by which I mean 'satisfaction-safe') works first.

Short stories are a good choice to go further (and deeper). The letters are a kickass-read too.

I disagree with Ponder's suggestion to read them in the biographical order.
Since you already know 'Factotum', I think 'Post Office' next would be best, then 'Women', which does fit the biographical timeline ('PO' ends 1970 and 'W' starts 1970). And as a highlight at the end: 'Ham On Rye' about his childhood and youth!

But like everything, that's only a matter of taste.
I'd love to know how they translate some of the Indian titles of his books. also, I bet the covers really rock. Is the woman on the cover of Women in a sari?

Ham on Rye (Tandoori on Naan)
Hollywood (Bollywood)

I know it is somewhat inappropriate, so my apologies... Also, i know that Tandoori is not pork. I just have never had Indian pork....

nice idea, bos!

how about that one?


(click to enlarge)

for the few members here, who aren't into Hindi:
The book-title is 'Women'
LOL bospress.net, the website imported the books for me. bukowski is not all that popular in india (he should be, considering how tough life is in india and it is fast becoming capitalist heaven). so the covers are the same. POST OFFICE - blue background with a hand ringing a bell. HAM ON RYE - little boy in shorts in a boxers pose etc.

even i plan to read POST OFFICE next. people on amazon have mixed opinions on HAM ON RYE and WOMEN.
hey purple stickpin, i finished HAM ON RYE. it was fantastic. though i had problems with certain parts of the novel. but overall, it was a great read. very humorous. easily the funniest bukowski i have read so far. i'll start with POST OFFICE today.

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