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I guess that I am blocked.... (1 Viewer)


I just tried to bid $.01 on this and was not allowed to as I am apparently blocked by this seller. The listing (all caps) looks VERY familiar. Anyone know anything about this person? Maybe they are on this forum? I don't recall buying anything from them, but vaguely recall having an issue with something that they were listing that may have been inaccurate? Whatever I said, it must have pissed them off enough to have them ban me...

oh well...


NOW, I remember this guy.


He listed this book at least twice and it took some e-mails to get him to remove it. Now he mentions that this is a fake signature, but I guess that the fact that I pointed it out both times that he listed this forgery as authentic was enough for him to put me on his banned list.

ho hum. one more enemy.....


p.s. This was his last e-mail to me:

thanks for your message. Are you sure that this may be a forgery? It comes from the collection of a rich austrian man who died 5 years ago. Sticked to the book there's an advice of the seller (Princeton Books, San Diego) which says it is one of the rarest books of their stock.
Please write me again
Marco - BeatBookstore Bologna

p.p.s. On a side note, I don;t think that there is a bookstore in San Diego called "Princeton Books".....
What a nice guy! You save him the embarrassment of selling a book with a fake sig., and then he bans you. It seems like he's bitter about the money he lost because of it, instead of being glad his reputation is still intact...
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