i hate being unemployed (1 Viewer)

i mean, i like the free time,
it's just that - now i don't know where to find another job.
i should have paid better attention in school.
(vegas took a big economy hit, no tourist, too many casinos = massive layoffs.)

i'll look again tomorrow...
i mean, i like the free time,
it's just that - now i don't know where to find another job.
i should have paid better attention in school.
(vegas took a big economy hit, no tourist, too many casinos = massive layoffs.)

i'll look again tomorrow...

READ: "The brutal reality of a life spent doing your own thing"


seek the truth...GOOD LUCK -- especially tonight!!!

I can't think of a post I've ever made on that blog that has been more widely misinterpreted. I must be losing my touch. I don't think I got my point across at all.
Well, I have to assume you're right. It wouldn't be the first time.

I wasn't talking about people like place holder.
I have to go to the bathroom. Can I put my hand down already?

(and hey, place, never meant any negative to you, if interpreted that way, consider this an apology; not part of the beginning of this post... pax, bro.)
down where?
you are suspect my friend...

now pee before you get a bladder infection!

if you have a homeless mind i don't think you need to raise your hand to use the bathroom.
i only read the last post and ignore the rest,
it results in more replys.

i love everyone on this forum tho.

wish i had more time to post here,
well, now i do.

(click post)
i don't think you're a bad guy or a dolt,
keep posting,
i think fellow bukowski readers are allowed to be a little more mouth than the new Twilight readers.

we have a rep to keep.
I enjoyed several episodes of unemployment in my day. 180 per week to stick around and execute creative whims. But then the jackasses somehow find you useful, and your blissful unemployment becomes SELF-employment and you find yourself working harder than you EVER would have. So watch it or they'll slip you a mickey...and you'll awaken to find yourself years older, battle-torn and up to your fuckin' ears in usefulness.

I have just recently recovered from such a bout. And its good to be ALIVE again.
the house always sets the trap,
it allows the few ML sneaks to get in,
that's vegas for you.

who are the guys who set the lines?

can i shake your hand homeless mind,
i meant no bad intentions,
we're both here to have a good time and get informed.

we'll eat sushi one day,
just because im unemployed doesn't mean i'm not eating sushi!

quote that!
one time i took a shit in a bathroom,
the bathroom door was unlocked,
someone opened it,
i got embarrassed and screamed,
"shut the door!"
and threw the last toilet paper roll at her.

i wanted her to come back in the end.

(i was 12 years old.)
In my experience unemployment soon leads to depression and boredom and of course the inevitable lack of money. At least when I'm working I get money and an excuse to get of my arse each day. Plus there's always the chance to moan about work and mock my lazy bum-around-all day mates by calling that oh so true title.

Prolonged periods of intense working also can lead to depression as well! So ideally I like to break up my life with periods of empolyment and periods of bumming around. At the end of the day as long as work doesn't become your life work isn't a massive problem but it sure helps if you have a "good" job and nice co-workers.
Two days ago was my 2 month anniversary of being unemployed. It's gotten to the point of losing track of what day of the week it is. I have gotten lots of shit done that I normally wouldn't ever have time to do. But I'm running out of shit to do. There ain't shit for jobs out there either right now. especially for a 41 year old long hair who don't know how to do shit besides sit behind a microphone and blab my yap. Good thing I got a nice big refund from taxes though. That'll help me keep a bottle of vodka in the freezer.
There aren't jobs out there for bright and shiny 25 year old kids either. I'm trying to hire a couple of tech support people right now and a year ago my ads would get 15 or 20 responses, now I get 100. I can always tell how healthy the job market is by the number of applicants we get for what is essentially an entry level gig.

But the older you get, the more frightening these slumps become. It's always been more difficult for someone in their 40's to get hired for certain positions. But I'm seeing more and more places actively looking for experience, rather than a recent college degree (I know I am), and that always bodes well for us old and rickety survivors.
I just got laid off at 2:00 p.m. and it should have been done in November. They didn't want to do it for the Holidays. Well in a commission only job it cost them nothing to have me show up faithfully everyday and guard their stock. At least now I know I will make little or nothing and I can focus on those very few jobs out there.
I don't hate unemployment but I am not average, far from it. I quit drinking so now to conquer this idle beast and endure.
A good friend of mine, a longtime bigwig at the NYC Nat Hist Museum was offered his severence/early retirement last week. He doesn't suppose he has a choice. He's coming up to New England this weekend. He wants to open up an artfart coffee shop. I'll help him scout locations. Things change. Not necessarily for the worse.
I'm still unemployed, but I just past the test to be an Insurance Producer (a.k.a. Insurance Agent). Now to go make some money again. The dogs are going to miss me.
I'm unemployed for five months now and live on a minimum wagers wellfare cheque. I can drink for two weeks with that and then I'm broke. Life sucks not at the beer bottle.
I didn't really work since 2003. At first I lived in a nice apartment with my girlfriend, now I'm living alone in a hovel. The job centre wants me to do jobs as a call center agent. They cut my unemployment benefits drastically, because I rejected to do so. Most of the time I only have a few euros in my pocket for food and drinks and some weed. Often I visit different supermarkets during the day and distribute my 5, 10 and 20 cent coins. There are also some unpayed bills and next month my private insolvency will be proclaimed. My account is already seized.
I know women (ex- and present girl friend) from whom I get small amounts from time to time. I take it gratefully though I feel like a bloodsucker. I often dream of earning money by doing something creative.
I got myself into this situation intentionally, because the 9to5 nothingness makes me sick and because I'm really a lazy bum and hope that pressure will force some creativity.
I'd like to mention that I am not really depressed about these circumstances, vanashing in an office for small payment sounds more unpleasant to me.

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