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Moskowitz writes like the illegitimate love child of Dorothy Parker and Charles Bukowski - What does that mean? He writes rhyming poems about whores and drinking? ;)

As a poet I would think being compared to Bukowski in your book blurbs is kind of the kiss of death. But what do I know.
Dorothy Parker has an interesting story as an iconoclast and tree-shaker, but I can't get into the rhyming four line stanza poetry thing. For her time it was probably very outrageous, but I don't think it's aged well.

I guess my general point was that I don't see being compared to Bukowski as a positive thing when you're trying to carve a poetry niche. It sets up expectations, and burdens the writer with a faint stink of imitation before you even read them.
IF AND WHEN I seriously finish my SHIT and try to get published,
I can't imagine being upset
(Christ I'd fall off my chair in glee)
Being compared to DP and Buk.....
DP's lines will be with us forever... she was fucking brilliant at getting the simple line down, nice and concise,(look up her quotes, so off-handedly brilliant and forever-quotable) and to the point,
Like our Buk.
I think she will be forever better known than our guy because......
Somebody else can fill in that blank.
I think Buk would be ECSCATIC if he knew (now) he was the basis of someone
else's pursuit to be outside-of-the-grid...
Because (IMHO) he was too, tho intentionally, but fell into it naturally, and is finally being appreciated.

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