i just dropped over $200 on bukowski books (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
dang... i need to watch it. but when the urge strikes, it STRIKES!

here are the new additions to the collection:
-krumhansl bibliography ($50)
-open all night (numbered ed. $50)
-night torn mad with footsteps (numbered ed. $50)
-reach for the sun (hardcover trade $30)
-septuagenarian stew (hardcover trade $40)

did i get ripped off? bought it all off abebooks, so the prices seemed reasonable...
they're not a start, although my collection has been dormant for a few years. i recently found out that numbered editions of the later black sparrow books are within reach for a guy like me, though, so i've been on a spree lately... the rest of my collection is all hardcover trade editions i've picked up over the last ten years or so... it's interesting to see such huge price swings, though... numbered editions of the books i bought go for as much as $125 or $150 and as little as $50.

abebooks is a mixed bag... i like that you can find everything, but i still troll used bookstores whenever i can, hoping to stumble on something really cool. my whole bukowski-collecting mania was kickstarted by such an occurrence when i found a numbered edition of beerspit night and cursing.
actually, those are very good deals and to be honest, you're very lucky you got them for those prices. you'd be surprised at the price increase of Buk's books. hardcovers and numbered books are becoming fewer and farther between. not like the trade paper backs.

good deal though. wish I'd came across it myself.
there are still plenty of numbered copies of night torn mad on abe for $50-$60 and one numbered copy of open all night for $60...

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