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...that it's really fucking hot around here lately.

This is some kind of Jurassic summer or something. Damn.
hey man, don't worry, it's really ultra-fucking-unbelievably hot over here as well. Actually, they say it's a heat wave...
I don't know what it's like outside, but I do know that where I work is about 100 degrees for the 5-8 hours I work there. I almost faceplanted on the grill last night and then proceeded to yell at the owner about it.
The heat up here in Scotland is intense
We are all cooking like pigs on a spit!

the world is on a high gas mark.
World Summer is here!
zoom man said:
Rest assured.....
Bush tells us this is not a result of global warming

Indeed! I feel better now knowing he's at the wheel.

It's difficult to translate sarcasm in the written word. . .

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