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I love the 4th of July because it gives me a chance to go out into the back yard and get in some target practice on a night when I'm sure that no one will call the police.

Tonight I wanted something thick and substantial to shoot at, so I picked this.

First I used some subsonic Remington CBee hollow points that were already loaded in the gun, but as I expected, they didn't even make it through. A few are still in there.


So I reloaded with some high-speed Remington Thunderbolts, and they tore right through the target like it was made of butter.



The moral of the story is: save the subsonic hollow points for paper targets, but always use high-speed heavy lead when you're serious about stopping a dangerous intruder or book.

wish me


somewhere HST is applauding.

or most likely mumbling in an approving manner, but questioning your firepower.

so are you going to sell that on esty now?
I've heard about book burning, but this was new to me...
You've invented a new form of conceptual art!
Burroughs & Hunter would approve.

Happy fourth!
I bet that would fetch $50 on eBay. Call it a tribute in lead. The only gun I have is a BB gun, and OBAMA CAN PRY IT FROM MY DEAD FINGERS!
That's really a piece for the museum now.

And I had thought, the 4th of July is only good to discover the Higgs-Boson.
Funny you should mention that. I think shooting holes in things is particle physics. I discovered that book pages produce a lot of particles when subjected to a lead collider.
In my version of events MJP had imaginary conversations with the book before shooting:

"I'm sorry...what was that? I can't hear you, could you come a little closer..." BLAM!
"Not today Johnny Terrorist!" BLAM!
"Rick Astley is a musical what?! Hold on...I have something for you...oh where did I put that...RIGHT HERE!" BLAM!!!
"I'll show YOU editing!" BLAM!!!

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