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I’ve been reading Bukowski every since i was 8 years old, and am now 17. I’ve read all his prose and short stories, but only one poem collection, as in my country they are not published and extremely difficult to find. I was able, after a lot of work, to convince my teacher that Bukowski should be included in the reading list regarding the most relevant 20th century authors,so i could present one of his books in class. I should choose one book and give a brief presentation and review it, but i do not know which book is more compelling to an audience that knows nothing about his work. I really want it to be good, but because my classmates aren´t really readers i don’t know what would catch their attention.
thank you all for reading this far, and sorry for any mistakes, as english is not my first language.
so i could present one of his books in class
Do I get this right, that the book you are to present does not have to be poetry?
Poetry is a hard sell, especially if your classmates aren't vivid readers.

I'd say: Use "POST OFFICE" for your purpose.
Its structure with the very short chapters is perfect for "non-readers" to stay with it. The plot is easy to follow. The many anecdotes are a perfect mixture of funny and sad. The authorities are dismissed. They will love it.
Also, it is representing him properly.
Considering most people have their poetry "blinders" put on in high school, meaning that the suggested poetry or poems taught in high school usually turn people off to it for the rest of their lives, I would try to find some less serious and more accessible stuff and mix some heavier stuff in. Just make sure you dont share anything that will grace you with a suspension! I agree with the above post about Post Office but getting young people to rea dis difficult so expecting them to tackle a novel is a lofty endeavor. But Ham on Rye is about younger life and very humorous if you decide to go that route. Either way good luck. But it would be great to show your classmates that poetry doesnt need to be some holy, indecipherable thing and of course a few pages is easier to get someone to read than a novel. I wish my poetry class had included him, although I am from mingo Junction ohio and she did include some James Wright who is from the area. The poem "In Response to a Rumor That the Oldest Whorehouse in Wheeling, West Virginia Has Been Condemned" was a big hit and that is a bit subversive so you may be able to gauge the response from that, although I would get approval from your teacher before sharing anything. Cheers.
8-years-old starting to read Bukowski, what a parents you had.
17-year-old and already read Bukowski it's rare, and scary at the same time.
Don't expect your classmates to see what you see in Bukowski, so don't try to be good.
I'd say, pick your favorite and try to present it showing why it is your favorite.
I'm going to guess and say I am in the minority in that I came to "discover" Bukowski fairly late.... I was in my early 30s. I'm almost 50 now. And I still love his stuff.

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