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Hi there, In which book can i find the poem "the shower"? Also, where can i fing the poem "born into this"? I'd truly appreciate your help. Thanks, Lola
'The Shower'
Originally appeared in Mockingbird Wish me Luck
(and was later re-collected in Run with the Hunted).

And I think the other poem you're looking for is actually titled
'Dinosaruria We'
Which was also re-collected in Run With the Hunted
(And originally appeared in, In the Shadow of the Rose.)

2 excellent poems, btw ;)
Hey Lola, if I were you I'd think about waiting until the new Ecco collection comes out in November.

All the poems that you have asked about so far, "The Shower", "Dinosauria, we" (born into this), "Oh, yes" and "The Bluebird" are recollected in the forthcoming "The Pleasures of the Damned - Poems, 1951 - 1993".

Sure, you'll want to buy all the books, but this new volume really is a great collection and includes many of Bukowski's best poems.

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