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Hello, I’m 17 and i’m new to Bukowski, but for school i’ve chosen to do an essay on some of his poetry after watching a youtube video on him called ‘Don’t try’.

I need to write about him from a Marxist perspective though, and I know that he wasn’t very political but seeing as he wrote a lot about working-class Americans, I thought this would be a good idea.

Would anyone be able to recommend me some of his poems that would be good for this?

p.s. I’ve just bought ‘The Pleasures of The Damned’ poetry collection.
Good luck. I'm of no help here but maybe "pleasures" isn't a good place to start. The manuscripts on here are amazing and most of his books are available in eformat on open library. You could maybe try the search tool here to find something.
Not a poem-recommendation, but:
there's a scholarly book by one Russel Harrison: "Against the American Dream", which might be of some use for your particular subject.


btw.: You don't need to buy every book that you want to use. Usually the university-libraries are open for school-students and they are a remarkable ressource for all your work (and personal pleasure).
There should even be a possibility for you, in case your local university-library does not have a book that you need, that they can order it for you from other libraries. [I'm only extrapolating this possibility from German conditions; maybe members from the US can confirm this for America.]
Absolutely! If your school has a library site you can access some amazing things! But as far as the normal books, while most likely available through your college library as e-texts ( Most of his poetry collections are on mine, but as far as novels, short stories and biographies they are all on open library and they even have a feature that will read the book to you out loud. There are many other things on there as well. Although the reading feature doesn't lend itself well to poems since the text to voice is pretty choppy. If you get the right app it works though. I've been through It catches 3 times this week with the text reader. Thanks to MJP for the pdf. You can get almost all of Bukowski online for free through open library and the pirate bay though.

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