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streaming for one week at pitchfork.
Thanks hooch. Just watched it. Not bad at all.

Watching it, it's hard not to draw parallels to every type of business, from bookstores to hardware stores to restuarants and everything in-between, that used to be primarily family-owned and independent, and have been driven out of business by giant [STRIKE]leeches[/STRIKE] corporations.

Except that restaurants and hardware stores haven't been made redundant by the internet, but record stores have. It has less to do with corporate greed than technology. The corporate greed is just window dressing. And a handy excuse. But the corporations could be run on socialist principals and the internet would have still had the same effect that it has had. I don't know if it's good or bad. It just is.

Ironic that a printing shop forced one of those record stores out, considering that small press shops like that have also been made pretty much obsolete by computers.
...the internet would have still had the same effect that it has had. I don't know if it's good or bad. It just is.

I can say that for me it has been very, very good.

Imagine being a curious person, seeking out innovative and new literature and music in Melbourne?

It's a beautiful city, but without the internet I would be stuck with one or two book stores and special orders and rip-off prices for every item I buy.

All other things being equal (which of course they seldom are) the internet means that a teenager growing up in Broome has almost as much access to culture as a teenager in NYC.
Just watched it. In Dortmund, where I used to live for six years, there is the Idiots Records store run by Sir Hannes Schmidt, who's been singing in The Idiots, Phantoms Of Future and nowadays Honiegdieb. I've been there for the first time when I was 17- that's 20 years ago and he's still doing a very fine job.

He started it all by selling records through the window at the place he lived, then rented a store and moved maybe 2 or 3 times, but never closed the store down.

Here in Saarbrücken there's an independent record store run by a woman called Grunewald, the lady's last name. She's selling records for 15 years now and I hope for both that they can go on and on and on.

Thank you very much for the link, Hooch.
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my town has 2 good independent record stores, here's one:

record store 1.jpg

record store 2.jpg
(that's not me)

and a couple ok used cd stores that dabble in vinyl.

I've actually bought product online from Newbury Comics, one of the stores featured in the film.

record companies are greedy, but so are all corporations. the corporation I work for is greedy. that's the point of business; make money.

but record companies are also stupid and shortsighted. their pricing structure for cds discourages people from buying the physical product. the cost of buying the mp3 is more reasonable, but I have no desire to buy mp3s. I want to hold it, smell it, read the liner notes and get my geek on. and I know I'm not alone.
Newbury Comics is quite good - there's one about 4 or 5 miles from here. They have a nice selection of CDs, DVDs, a small amount of vinyl and various books and novelty items. My one gripe is that the price of a used CD or DVD is often the same or perhaps a dollar or two less than a new copy. So, the prices for new CDs, for example, ~$6-$13 for older stuff, is not bad, but the prices for used are not so hot.
I liked this movie so much I bought the dvd. at HMV. does that make me bad? or just ironic?

or my go-to guess: an idiot?
That's one of the things with where I live that I still love as much as when I first moved here - loads of great, indie record stores. The list could take up half a page but for me the really best ones are Wax Factor on Trafalgar Street who also do a fine line in books as well as relatively cheap 2nd hand records and cd's of all types and genres; Borderline records who specialise in a more adult kind of music - 60s garage, free jazz, psychedlic stuff and the general indie/punk stuff - and Edgeworld who just do a whole lot of amazing noise records. I think in this day and age you've got to know the market your aiming at and stick to it. Make sure the staff are knowledgeable and friendly and just stick with it. Also for any punk rock needs you can't beat the aptly named Punker Bunker run by the lovely Buz. So that's 4, that's probably more than all of London, ha!

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