I Think of the Olden Armies - Flame, 1959 (1 Viewer)


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"I Think Of The Olden Armies," in FLAME (Alpine, Texas) v. 6 no. 3 (Autumn 1959), p. 18-G.

this the third rhyming poem. I'd say this is the closest to a true rhyming poem B ever got. I don't appreciate a mocking tone here.

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Wow, again, very interesting to read. If there was no date on that I'd lump it in with the Matrix stuff from the 40's. Some of the lines seems so - obvious.

Maybe we'll find that like the Robert Johnson myth, Bukowski made a deal with the devil at a dusty crossroads on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and sold his soul for a distinctive poetic voice. ;)

Because I don't think he's found it yet in these early pieces.
That's what I mean - in '58 he divorced Barbara Frye and made a deal with the devil, man!

Looked this one up because someone is selling 8 copies of Flame on eBay.

Wow, this one is really... different...

Great from an historical perspective...

Commenting just so this thread comes back from the grave for others to read...
I knew that these would go over $75. I have never seen a copy offered for sale. A few years ago, this lot would have sold fr a grand easy.

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