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I hope all of you are doing fine.
I was supposed to have the last three days off. BUT, due to a supervisor's call off, I had to go in and cover for 2 days. So I worked until 10pm monday night, and right when I was walking out the door my daughter called and said, "What is the # you call when the lights go out?"... So I told her the #,and said to build a fire in the firepit, so
we could at least sit outside and have some light. I stopped and got some beer on the way home.
Well, I got home,and lo' and behold! a full back yard; neighbors, kids' friends,and realitives. 5 hours later, LIGHTS ON!! But at this point I'm too drunk to want to go and write or to go to sleep.
Me and my Aunt were having a good conversation for quite awhile, and I said, " Do you know Bukowski?' "No", she says.So I invite her to watch 'Born Into This'. We watched it, it was great, and at the end, when the footage about Barfly comes on she says, "I've seen that movie like 3 or 4 times. I LOVE that movie"!! And I'm floored because I still havn't seen it and she didn't know that it was based on him.
So, the moral of the story.... just because you don't think you know Bukowski, dosn't mean that you don't know Bukowski.
I sent her home with Factotum. What A fuckin' blast man! CRB
thats awesome!!
i could just see my family members watching barfly. i don't think they'd like it very much. maybe the males would. haha.

ya. i actually saw factotum on IFC channel a while ago. someone could really see it without knowing who bukowski is!
ps. i know the feeling of being too drunk to write =D

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