I wish there was an award for best username... (1 Viewer)

Maybe you should suggest that to whoever runs this site ...


(I know, I know... shutting up)
Reminds me of that great B side to the Iron Maiden single...

668... the neighbor of the beast
Currently Active Users...fightwithspoons, like a knife...

All we need now is a fork and we're ready for dinner.
Ha-ha. Yes, now we just need forkintheeye and smashingdishes and we are ready to eat (vegan style ;) )...:D
How come Berkowitz went to jail and the dog, (if someone doesn't know he said his neighbors dog, Sam, told him to commit the murders) got off scot free?

I wouldn't mind but after Berkowitz went to jail the fellow who moved into his house after him also become a serial killer and was told to do it BY THE VERY SAME DOG!

I saw a blog on Michael Jackson selling 30seconds of his time for $1800, it was asking what question you would put to MJ and someone said...

"Are the rumours true that you are reforming and if so do you still have all the pieces?"

another was...

"Are you Bad? really really bad?!"

this didn't really fit anywhere else but made me chuckle :D

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