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Drunken notes

Don't be another brick on the wall.

I come back to this room forgetting , once again, what I wanted to write down. I think it's my curse. I want to tell myself it is my curse, that I forget all my good thoughts. My good thinkings. People tell me I am smarter than what I let on? I think that is bullshit. I am what I am. I am a self thinking introvert to my existence that cannot speak up and tell people the proper things at the proper times what I am properly thinking. Duck that. Duck that. Fuck that.

I also dislike all autocorrect. Auto correct is something to think or perceive and type. Fuck you steve jobs.

Still what was I thinking about, before I took a swig of scotch, the last swig of scotch, before the last swig of the night. I obviously think I have great thoughts. Thoughts that would move mountains but I forget. Forget just like it is another dream I write down. Dream which is real but is not. Have I taken too many drugs in my life? Have I drank to much, killed too many brain cells? Don't care. Worth it. Every action I have done is worth it. Wrong or right it has led myself and everyone around me to this point in time.

My job. All I do is bring people together, broker yet another relationship, broker another fleeting moment together to make a happy momento for someone's brain. That's what I do. I make people happy. I am a giver, a listener, a lover, a I want to do right by the other person because I love them. If you are in my inner circle I love you.

Is that wrong?

I don't give a duck. Fuck.

But I give a duck for the people. I make money for other people which makes
Money for my wife my life my my is. My is is my sparks. She sparks my heart to beat. To beat for something for more than my own. I live for something more than my own self wealth. I will live love and be for her. And my future unborn child. Son. I better have a fucking son. If I have daughters they will haunt me. The shit I have done, my daughters will destroy my soul. Fuck

Future lesson for Jr., who I will name Hank Eldon , after King Henry (She thinks that) , actually King Hank Moody of Californication the man who taught me to "read" more.

Taught me Bukowski
"Don't try"

The famous words of bukowski. Keep on boxing, keep charging. Keep fighting the good fight.

The chariot of life awaits. Your love your
Passion your truinph. Your struggle your stiphe your war. Whether inner or outer. You chariot awaits. I don't know if everyone is different or if everyone is the same. All
That self Help bullshit is is what it is, it is bullshit. You are who you are. Stop listening to everyone and listen to yourself. If you are a prince, you are a prince. Whether or not you have 100billion in oil, or if you are the prince in your own mind. Your are the ducking prince.

I love scotch

Wait a minute i know you, ..... no I don't. I don't remember you or anyone. It doesn't mattter I know what I know. It's small and smart . People wil tell you other wise but it irrelevant

Dig in and holla back

I'm taking a imaginative leap here, I would have tivo'd the shit out of a Hendrix concert.

Well sleep tight and stay strong pony boi
Part 2

Part dice part duece

This is my getaway now, my online sanctuary. Easy like Sunday morning. Sunday morning Maroon 5. Steal covers share some skin babe. Share something intimate only if it is intimate only for a few hours. I love you babe whether it is for an hour or until I wake up From this hangover. Another love lost on this avenue not taken. Not taken because I am weak. Weak to tell her the truth. Weak to tell Myself the truth.

The truth in my own mind. That truth which no one knowns and only I can bring solice to my own mind.

The woman’s mind is every mans gratest weakness, telling themselves their own weaness. But it’s not. Not weakness at all. But strength to actually have a thought. Have a notion of what she might be the thinking and to persuade her that your fucked up thoughts are something to grasp at. To talk about. To flirt about. To fuck about. It’s nice. It’s nice to have someone else give you the recognition you do not deserve.

It’s Easter today. The annual “I’m going to church with my mom” Day. If you have a mom and care about religion.

I’m not sure why I do this, why I put my thoughts here. Am I supposed to emoji some bullshit after this to name it seem like a give a damn? Fuck you

I wish. I wish is the statement of the weak. I can wish for a lot of fuck all but it’s worthless. If you wish something it’s not worth going after. You wish for friends approvals or more love or more money etc etc. fuck that. Fuck it. Move on be happy with what you have inside yourself and go crush it. Make it happen not wish it.

As the great author Alexander Scott said “Keep Charging”

Charge through life. Attain what you want whether it’s a trillion dollars or just another beer.

Fuck I wish I had more beer right now. Nurse one more longneck down to fruition. Or atleast until my fiancée catches me drinking too much again. And talk my way out of it.

A lost skill I see in today’s age. Talking. Whether it’s just a straight up lie. Or just actually giving a shit. There are few people I know now that are atcual good listeners and good conversationalist.

Once is have my son, Hank Eldon, I will push him to not just be an athlete but also a perfectionist of the soft skills.

Google soft skills. Soft skills are the art of talking listening explaining and negotiating.

It’s lost in today.

Everyone today is LOL or the next in the moment I have to capture it with my fucking whatever.

Fuck you.

And I say that, me being a hypocrite,
with most of my best friends being like this so I have no room to talk cuz I don’t say shit.

Fuck I’m weak. And want pizza.

Your waitress girlfriend is cute let’s keep it that way.

Good morning .
I [...] want pizza.
Damn, that's a shame. You were so close to being a good pal of Bukowski's, then you had to go and fuck it all up...


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