I would have raped you earlier, but I had too much invested in you as donkey (1 Viewer)

Pimpin all over the family's favourite bicycle / Hollywood amenity / local art house insult . When a new born cries the salty taste of the violent cries , remind me of the rank taste of an overgrown whore begging for more . It seems as though I am having some trouble logging into the forum - I know it crazy to actual feel worthy of responding to public insults . I am sorry about the bet . I guess you had two summers with my old clever classmate . I hope you bought her some nice things , I hope more than the price of can of coke ? I guess I was young when you were nice to me . Sad I will die having 10 3/4 being the most consensual and pleasurable sex of my life .Har har har - spent the last week thinking we were going to get married . Then I realized all the poems that I either have to pay for apon release , or even better read in bookstore then return , were ones she was able to give you critical advice on , or probably meant for her . I call you wanting to visit the father I only ever got to meet on very small sad circumstances , and then I realize you prefer to spend time with other people. I guess it was while I was being tortured and raped that you slipped up on the bet. I am glad because it would be horrible to assume that an affair with your daughters classmate would be reduced to a well paid business transaction . I prefer mine , used and insulted , it sells really well , and if you play your cards right you can leave the muse indebt and scarred. A response would be nice but unexpected . I guess I am upset because I cared . Dumb dumb dumb . P.S thanks for the 2014 birthday wishes they really cheered me up p.p.s I guess fredoom of expression only applies to the rich and educated . Sweet dreams my love

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