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Hi all ... all right, I've looked through my Bukowski collection and this is driving me nuts. I was reading through the "Copulating Mermaid" thread. I immediately thought of "The Fiend" (although in terms of almost sickening violence, you can't beat "You Kissed Lilly"). Anyway, I went back and read "The Fiend" again. But while it's a great story, I thought it had an ending where the policeman asks him, "How was it?" "Like ice cream," says the rapist. "What flavor?" the policeman asks, and the rapist says, "All the flavors."

Great line, great writing, but where the hell did it come from? I was so sure it was from "The Fiend" that I would have bet money on it.

That is an interesting line but not one I would have thought came from The Fiend.
I remember the two cops beating up the protagonist and feeling disgust. That question implies tacit approval or, at the least, morbid curiosity.
I'll check, but it could come from one of the other sex stories (there were a few ;) ).

Interesting line.
It's a poem - 'true confession' from Dangling in the Tournefortia

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