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in a nutshell he's talking about how schools teach everyone how they're going to be big winners.
they never teach about the [list, including "suicides", etc].

googling is turning up nothing.

That's from The Crunch.
By the way, here is a proper place to post such questions.

Edit: On the same subject, Bukowski excelled in chapter 45 of Ham on Rye:

The principal was giving his address and really scraping the bottom of the old shit barrel. “America is the great land of Opportunity and any man or woman with a desire to do so will succeed…”
“Dishwasher,” I said.
“Dog catcher,” said Jimmy.
“Burglar,” I said.
“Garbage collector,” said Jimmy.
“Madhouse attendant,” I said.
“America is brave, America was built by the brave…Ours is a just society.”
“Just so much for the few,” said Jimmy.
“…a fair society and all those who search for that dream at the end of the rainbow will find…”
“A hairy crawling turd,” I suggested.
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