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Okay, only four more "Mr. Bukowski's Wild Ride" stories to craft and then it's ready for a chapbook, which will be selling on consignment in the Bukowski section at City Lights Books (it'll also be available online).

I need idea from you folks. Here's what we have so far:

Bukowski as Kafka's famous insect;
Bukowski making the NASA short-list;
Mr. Bukowski and Uncle Walt;
His Life As A Dog; (that one is pretty much flash fiction;
Woody Woodpecker haunts Bukowski's thoughts;
And, of course, Mr. Bukowski meets Joe Friday. will be getting a huge nod of gratitude in the book as this has been a most excellent resource for trivial research on Buk's timeline, personal and literary.

I forgot the Popeye episode
A few ideas:

1. Buk as Hemingway during the running of the bulls, so drunk that somehow he doesn't get trampled

2. Buk as Dostoevski's Raskolnikov

3. My vote: Buk as a Jewish proctologist, removing Ben Pleasants' hemorrhoids.
Here's an idea: Bukowski meets Henry Miller! Two guys who both have been down and out talks about their past while drinking themselves stupid...
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Hmmmmm, I can see Miller berating Bukowski for not being wordly enough because he never had the exaptriate writer experience. This idea goes in the file, too. Thanks, Bukfan.

Okay, I just wrote up Bukowski in Pamplona.

Thanks, Stickpin!
I like the running of the bulls concept a lot.

Bukowski in Pamplona

The Dr Thompson character was a nice touch.
Thank you! One of my regular readers left a comment thinking it was Tom Wolfe but, no. That was a last minute add-on. I think it made the difference.

Bukowski in Casablanca has possibilties: "I said get on the plane, you bitch!" And then he slapped her. Hard.

Glad you enjoyed the Uncle Walt episode, Bukfan.
3. My vote: Buk as a Jewish proctologist, removing Ben Pleasants' hemorrhoids.

that's hilarious!

(oh, talking of "Hillarious" - how about Buk as the president of the US with a box of cigars he doesn't inhale...?)

Bukowski in Casa Blanca.
Bukowski in Casablanca has possibilties: "I said get on the plane, you bitch!" And then he slapped her. Hard.

yeah, Do this!

what about:
What if Bukowski had passed the draft and was sent to Europe in WWII? (including a drinking-night with Churchill and a meeting with the Führer at his bunker, while the bombs drop all around!) - you could ramble a lot of cool dialogue there!
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Why not have Young Buk meeting Old Buk.
Do they like each other?
Either one as Death

Actually that may be a good thread topic
What would the younger version of ourselves say to our present self and how would we respond-with regret triumph an appeal for understanding or a smack in the mouth-see what you made me do!!!
And again apologies for going off thread.
The story about Bukowski as a dog is as short as my corgi's legs, but good. It would be more appropriate to make Bukowski a cat for a few of obvious reasons. One he loved his cats. Two, he always puked, my cats always puked. Three cats seem like they would drink if they could. Really there are lots of simalarities between Bukowski and cats.
Jesus Christ on roller skates, you guys have come up with some great ideas. It's a good thing I'm planning on keeping the series alive instead of killing it at 10 stories, which was the original intention.

Young Buk/Old Buk. Terrific. I'm definitely using that concept.

The Grapes of Wrath concept has my mind spinning. A revisionist history on Tom Joad. Hmmmmm.
How about Buk as a successful jockey and betting on himself? 20-win on "Red Sparrow" in the last race of the day.

maybe he should call the horse 'The Muse', so he's 'betting on the muse'?
but then - there are so many many possibilities to work with the horse-track thing and play with words...
yeah, great topic.

and don't forget:
"He played the horses and was very good at that."

Man! Carver! You've quite started something here!
thanks. but let's not forget that the original idea of purple with the 'Red Sparrow' was just as brilliant. We're all looking forward, what you'll do with it! This could become a hilarious story! (read horsemeat also - in case you haven't by now.)
Re the Bukowski-meets-Miller idea: I just reviewed a book about Loujon Press and I should know this for sure, but I'm pretty sure that Bukowski and Henry Miller at least corresponded. It's during my workday and I'm lazy so I'll check on that later, unless somebody else knows. But I do like Bukfan's idea of the two of them having the down-and-out conversation.

Lots of good ideas here. May I suggest Mr. Bukowski Goes to a Quilting Bee and Mr. Bukowski is Abducted by Space Aliens? Or even Mr. Bukowski Solves a Case with Mr. Monk?
Thank you, Father Luke!

Absolutely brilliant, and thanks for corroborating my belief. Very cool.:cool:

And on the ideas for stories riff, I don't guess Charles Bukowski, Transvestite Nun would work very well.

I need to see my shrink and have a drink, not necessarily in that order.

Thanks again, Father ...
Bukowski yawned, scratched his ass, and stared bleary-eyed at the Underwood.

"A transvestite nun?" He mused. "Why the hell would I have a dream about being a transvestite nun?"

"Because," the typer calmly replied. "You are one sick fuck. Shit, you can't even genuflect, you fat bastard."
This is perfect! Miller's attitude toward drinking sets him in instant conflict with Mr. Bukowski.

Exactly! And when Miller talks about being down and out in Paris, Bukowski could tell him about the time he lived in a tarpaper schack in Atlanta, writing poems on the edges of newspapers (no money for writing paper) with a pencil stub - and how he lived on one candy bar a day called "Payday". Or whatever...
And they're both named Henry! And both wrote about sex! Maybe those facts could create some funny remarks...
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