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...there is what appears to be a brand new copy of the limited edition with serigraph "Beerspit Night and Cursing" on ebay right now with a BIN price of $15.99. The backstrip color is right and the seller lists it as the "deluxe edition." The same seller has sold several copies of this recently with prices ranging from $6.99 to $19.99. I just ordered the other copy he had listed for $9.99. I already have the book but couldn't pass up such a bargain.

It's here:

As I said, the seller has listed several recently so if this one sells you might want to keep an eye out for other copies.


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they must have a wealth of them. they've been selling these for some time now. I got the limited edition of "night torn mad..." from them for $10. they were selling several of those, also.

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