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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Does anyone in the forum have one of the signed, limitation copies? I ask because I've never seen one for sale (but I'm as blind as a Buffalo, so.. ).
I guess my short answer to your question is "No, I don't." Incapable of leaving it at that, I would note that there were only 100 signed and numbered copies (plus one file copy) per Krumhansl. I have one of the 350 (not 300, as clarified in Krumhansl) copies that was issued without a signature but it was later signed by Buk on the cover page (circa mid-'80s). The only other difference is the called-for signed are sewn with red thread while the unsigned are sewn with green thread.

I've never seen one of the called-for signed copies for sale either.
I have one. What do you need?

That thread may have been red in 1969, but it isn't now. I think it was orange or salmon in the first place, because even on the inside, where it wouldn't have faded, it's light.




The paper isn't that yellow, that's the scanner.
There’s this one. I almost bought it years ago but the seller and I had a disagreement where we each thought the other was an asshole. It’s signed in red and is either one of the 100 limited unnumbered or an “extra” one. He doesn’t like showing sigs as he’s afraid they’ll somehow be “copied.” He’s asking $863 obo. Before our little disagreement we’d settled on $400. Pricey, but rare as hell.

Yeah, Krumhansl uses the word "red," so I went that way. Ski, that appears to be an uncalled for signed (green thread?), especially if signed in red (felt tip?) and not numbered. If the sig is in red felt tip, that likely puts it in the '69-'74 time frame, which is nice.

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