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Painful to watch him so fucked up, spacing out and groping for words, when he is such a funny, well-spoken bastard.

That period of his career was not so cool. Those god damned awful David Bowie years (imagine me spitting onto the ground after saying David Bowie for full effect). Playing with Soupy Sales' fucking kids in his band. Berlin, Bowie, Barf. He had no direction. He didn't snap out of it until 1979 when he recorded New Values.

But it all pales in comparison to the '68 - '71 Stooges anyway. Hard to follow that. Nowhere for him to go from there, really.

Now he's like a traveling museum piece. Everyone telling him how great he is, and how much they have always loved him. I don't begrudge him his payday. Good for him. Just funny how that shit works. He's hasn't really done anything interesting, musically, in 40 years.
"Mommy, why is that grampa on TV so mad?"

No one would use him in an American TV ad. A few seconds of Search and Destroy audio was in a Nike commercial years ago, but no one is going to show a sweaty Iggy (or a dry one) to the viewers of Desperate Housewives.
the nba did use lust for life as intro/outro to their prime time games for years. But just the music, no vocals or images of course. And there is also a cruise line commercial that did the same. Funny they both stayed away from the of course I've had it in the ear before lyrics.
The housewives might watch it, yes! ;)

But the people spending millions of dollars trying to sell shit to the housewives wouldn't take the chance.

I think the only reason a tiny bit of Stooges or Iggy or Ramones music makes it into commercials at all is because people of that generation are at the age now where we're running shit, and those old favorites get trotted out despite some of the younger people at the agency wondering if "Joe in Creative" has finally lost his mind...

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