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The stooges are FANTASTIC! There is a great youtube with Iggy documentary. Give me danger. Great insight into his life as a young man and how he got involved with music . He talks about living in a small trailer with his parents who were so supportive of his musical interests they allowed him to have their large bedroom where he would have ample room to keep his drum set and practice. Very sweet! He is such a cool guy.


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Yes. Iggy is awesome. Responded to a letter i once wrote him. He is cool as fuck, as the kids say now-a-days.

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i can't "like" it until i can read it!

super cool, but can you post a clearer pic?


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
I photocopied it and made it darker & darker. That's the best I could do at work. It's Feb 94.

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"Borrowed" from a stooges phasebook page:

And here it is... the Mystery Set
mp3: https://we.tl/t-Twm4oXIkyp
flac: https://we.tl/t-c9dA62eYsc
Anyone that wants iso just say so.
These files will disappear from wetransfer after 7 days. If you missed, just comment and I or someone that grabbed it can put it up again.
Once someone has a reliable track list, I'll happily re-tag and up them again.
Hopefully these have no errors as I've not even listened to them yet in order to get them to you ASAP!

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I always find it puzzling when someone says they prefer Raw Power, which sounds like a million starving hamsters high on quaaludes and angel dust going around in a cement mixer, and eating each other in a desperate attempt to survive the unsurvivable. The only way you could prefer Raw Power to Funhouse is if you never heard Funhouse, which I believe is the case much of the time.
Got to agree. Years ago a good friend asked "what's your favorite Stooges album" I said I liked both of them (first and Raw Power.) You never heard "Funhouse?"
Long boring story short. First three songs on Funhouse alone blow most bands whole catalog away.

Funny thing about angel dust. You would be so fucked up everything was like walking around in a skewed abstract off center world.
You would be so out of it you would pray to God (when you believed in such things) if you lived you would turn your life around accept Jesus help little old ladies across steets pick up litter on highways.
Then when you woke up the next day you would call your dealer and say you got anymore of that stuff.

Didn't Bukowski write he didn't even really like drug use?

Booze and weed are you need