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bukowksi tought me how to be ashamed and how not to be ashamed. people say i downloaded his personality. but i think i am too pretty. fat, but pretty. the shit stain of the soul was there way before buk, its just he inspired me to walk around in nothing but my underpants. go to gibous.blogspot.com
love grimbol

its good to be read. sometime i feel like i'm just wiping my ass and flushing it down the toilet. i appreciate the encouraging words...
i hope to maybe set up a e-zine in the future, so if anyone has some stuff, send it, [email protected]
Yes, that is good to read, I'm sorry to hear about your mom- even if that was pure fiction. Whether or not it happens there is a part of you that lives the story you tell and there was a real feeling of loss in the words. You write better than the average bear who comes on here. -That's a compliment.
Hang out for a while.

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