I'm either lucky, or dumb..... War All the Time w/painting

Was poking on eBay and saw this pop up as a new listing :



war_art_400_usd.JPG war_art_400_usd2.JPG war_art_400_usd3.JPG

So I picked it up. It seems like the real deal, and at $400 is a steal. If so, I may be re-selling that signed War All the Time I picked up from Bill last year ;)

Anyone know this seller? Know of anyone suddenly missing their copy of this? I'm pretty excited, but also feeling pretty antsy.

Thanks --


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I'm inclined to agree with Hank Solo.... fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk. Congrats on the amazing deal.
Thanks -- I debated posting it on here as I don't want to look like a braggart, but holy fuck I'm confused/ecstatic/anxious about getting such a deal. We'll see.....
Yeah, I'm definitely going to brag....ONCE IT'S IN MY HANDS....til then I'm assuming it's an expensive figment of my imagination. Got a tracking number from the seller already, so that's a good sign :)
Seriously: I'm afraid to tell you that this book is a total fraud from cover to cover. It isn't worth more than, say, 10 bucks. But since I am a saint and only want your best, I'd be willing to take it for you at this astronomical price of 400.- just to do a good deed. I'd even pay for the shipping and add another 10.- for the inconvenience you've had.



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I wonder how long that listing was up before Dan snatched it up? Couldn't have been long...

I might have to start looking at eBay again. You know, for 10 years or so. Until something like this pops up again.
I think I might know how this happened. Dan, correct me if I'm wrong. The thumbnail photo in the auction listing was of the crappy copy of Post Office. Naturally, nobody bothered to click on the auction link, except for our brilliant friend here. Had he used the painting for his thumbnail, the auction would have realized 3x as much. Is that correct?
So yeah, I think it was up up <1 hour, which is why I was able to snake it. The biggest thing that helped was the buy it now. And NYMARK, if I remember, it was just listed as 'signed'. So anyone looking briefly would have though, '200 starting bid for a signed War all the time with a 400 buy it now' isn't a deal. You did have to look at the other pictures and the description to confirm it had a painting.

We'll see how it ends up once it's in my grubby paws. It arrives tomorrow, but I'm going out of town til Friday, so the next fews days will be stressful. I've also been chatting with the seller a bit to find out how they got it/why they got rid of it so cheap. My hunch is, they lucked into it, didn't know what they had, and are psyched to have made some money off it.

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You could tell from the default image in the listing that it was a hardcover, and it does say "signed w/self-portrait," but with the $400 price a lot of people might not have clicked on it assuming it was just a signed copy.

That spine cloth gives it away though.

I think it was just good timing. First to see, first to steal. And at about 25% of its real-world value, I think it's safe to classify the price as a steal.

That's a pretty damn good painting, too. Glad you got it instead of a book dealer. You aren't a book dealer, are you?
Yah, I think the "self portrait" could have been interpreted as "man with bottle" doodle as well.

Free shipping is a plus, and for a SPLIT second I thought the Post Office might have been a first PB, but that would have been way too much good fortune for one guy.

NYMARK: I'm not sure if you'd consider me a "book dealer" - I co own a small used book, indie comic, zine shop in Denver, but this is definitely for the personal collection. We don't do too much high end stuff or go to shows. We mostly do small press and used paperbacks and such. Either way, assuming this is the real deal, it's going up on my shelf with the rest of my Buk collection.
I've also been chatting with the seller a bit to find out how they got it/why they got rid of it so cheap. My hunch is, they lucked into it, didn't know what they had, and are psyched to have made some money off it.

While the answers to this sort of question may be of interest, it's probably best for yourself and most everyone else to let things rest as they lie.
I tend to agree with you, but it was such a bizarrely good deal, my curiosity was piqued. The seller told me they were a art/book collector getting rid of a few things, so I'm content with my score. On that note, I got it in the mail yesterday and holy crap am I pleased. It's exactly what I hoped and the painting itself is super bright and vibrant.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuccccc ... Glad it arrived safely 8-))

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Vibrant colors! Very nice! What medium is it? I can see that he had the side taped down to a board or the table before he started painting.
Pretty sure it's pastels - I picked it up at the post office, then had to rush out of town, so I've had far less time to check it out than I'd like. There are some bleed throughs onto the next page, which I hadn't expected. And yeah, it's super bright.
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