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From Ventura, CA- USA, raised in the SFV in LA. Read some of his stuff in the LA Free Press. Not sure when, where, why or how I got interested in Bukowski. I think the bindings of his Black Sparrow books might have initially caught my interest. I was already in Ventura County by that time, likely in Thousand Oaks. At that time I spent alot of time visiting a friend who lived in Hollywood and worked for the studios and that continued into the early mid- eighties. After that I would visit my father occasionally in Westchester (next to LAX).
I am a slummer, not like Bukowski, yet I am a slummer. I'm irresponsible, vain, selfish, materialistic and weak in alot of ways. I hate and envy heros. An old friend, who I still love, pointed out that heros in the classical sense (Greek) are awful people anyway. See Homer.
I am not a poet, I rarely write, except online. I am a carpenter, a pretty good one. I work in Santa Barbara on wealty person's housing, for the most part. I'm into motorcycles at this moment. I read, mostly non fiction.
I've done alot of frittering around, botony, art even electronics tentatively.
So that's the capsule of me.:eek:
Welcome to the forum, nofiron! - So, what Buk books do you prefer? Novels, short stories or poems? Any favourite titles?
Ahh, Burning In Water...That's one of his best poetry books, I think. It's one of my favourites...
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