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Hi all, have been a member since Monday, February 11th. I had corresponded occasionally with member cirerita (Abel) about Bukowski and my history with Buk, and he mentioned the site but for some reason I just got around to joining up. I was really active in the small press in the 80s and published a small collection of Bukowski work called "then I gave up and started drinking heavily." Did a mag called Pig in a Poke (smaller editions known as Pig in a Pamphlet) that in moments of temporary insanity I think about resurrecting, but so far no go.

Also had my own stuff published in a bunch of mostly now-defunct little magazines. Lost pretty much all of my samples in a freak storm down in Key West about 15 years ago.

So anyway, that's me, I'm married for the third time and this one is a charm, like to drink cognac or brandy and write a column on affordable wine. I work as a marketing writer for a big-ass corporation, which buys the wine, pays the bills and the occasional medical expense. And for some reason I have started to write poetry again, which depending on how you feel about my stuff is either good or bad.

So hello to all. Very good to be here.

--Harry Calhoun
Hi Harry,

Very nice intro indeed.
I'd be interested in examples of your column on affordable wine. Sounds like some useful advice.

The storm at Key West will teach you to not go places where other writer have been! *hehe* (o.k. - bad joke! I REALLY feel sorry for this has happened to you!)
Welcome Harry;
You need to be a special featured member since you had dealings with our hero. Great stories. Go crazy and put out the Pig in the Poke again. Thank God for affordable wine, Amen.
Welcome indeed. You can consider yourself a COMPANION, the fraternity of people who knew or met or corresponded with Buk. Sort of like the guys who shook Sinatra's hand.

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