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I know this was discussed already in one of the giant threads, but I just saw it last night.

The first three hours were all right, but the last five hours kind of dragged for me.

What? It wasn't 8 hours long? It sure felt like it was.

I get it, can't pin down Dylan! Okay.

But pretty early on it occurred to me that this is the way a movie about Bukowski should be made. With all the different parts of his self-created mythology represented by different actors.

Anyway, that really was a great idea for a biographical movie. It just should have been about Bukowski. Or someone - anyone - more interesting than Bob Dylan. I love a lot of Dylan's (older) music. But an interesting character he is not.
You dreamed the last 5 hours. It was well done and seemed to make Dylan a more interesting character. I didn't get the young American negro guitar player. I will probably never think of Kate Blanchet in a sexual way-not that she was ever that hot anyway. She is a great actress.
I didn't get the young American negro guitar player.
I think it had something to do with him appealing to minorities, like the Black Panther Party, and he himself being a minority. But all in all I thought this was a great film. It was a little long, but so is Dylan's life and legacy, I mean how old is this guy now, 103? Him and Keith Richards should go out and celebrate being the oldest living mummies. But I've always loved and always will love Dylan and his music. I felt the film captured him well. Loved Blanchet's role, and still think she's sexy.
What a great thread idea!!
How would you make a movie about BUks life!!
Mods feel free to move.
I would have Buk writing the script-you know-Character as narrator for his own life type thing-flash back to youth-heck even have this character watching in the background for a few scenes.
BUkboy getting belted by dad then pan to Narrator Buk "what a dick eh?
"Well thats the way it was"
Buk and Jane at death bed with narrator Buk sitting behind.

And just to make it interesting
What are the scenes that would have to be in a Buk movie?
Would Barfly success be in the movie??
Would Buknet?? and if so who would play MJP??

Mods feel free to move or delete-what do I know?
I always thought Ham On Rye would have been the perfect Buk movie, if Post Office and Factotum was it's sequels, or just continued in that movie.
I agree Lolita, when I first read Ham on Rye it just felt like this would be a great movie. The opening with him under the table surrounded by the legs of his relatives.
I'm waiting for this one.

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