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I'm not worthy! Holding 2! letters typed by OUR MAN (1 Viewer)

zoom man

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UPS just arrived,
And my god,
It's the 2 letters from Buk
That I won on e-bay.
Christ, and I have nothing to drink!
Off to the corner store before I open these.....
Jesus help me
Hope he doesn't buy RED!
Forget your booze, zoom, fire up YOUR SCANNER! on HIGH RES!!!
And don't let Brother 'BUD' Schenker catch you with those beauties...

Brother Schenker said:
I don't need these pieces of paper or once-touched-by-Bukowski articles in order to better appreciate the man and his talent.
Then again, he might forgive you...

Brother Schenker said:
By the way, his letters were the best out of all his writings.... His letters were explosive fountains of unbridled & uncensored expressions from his fiery heart and troubled mind. Written like he had nothing to lose and no one to offend, his letters were tits, Jack.
Be cool Brother, :cool:
My scanner is on the fritz....

I could take pics of them....
I will get them to you all somehow,
Just wish I could include how they smell, how they feel.
Christ I'm nuts :)
Hell, I'm pleased for you, sir.
Even though I didn't ask for this envelope addressed by Buk in 1979,
I still look at it and think, "Fuck, there's the evidence that the dude was there, here! That ink was put here by Henry Charles Bukowski, the man whose poems lifted & cheered me up during some mighty dark periods."

Nevermind my previous bitch rag; just wanted to stand ontop of my high horse and bellow like a stoned fool. Collect collect collect. Maybe someday there will be a Bukowski fair or convention y'all can bring your stuff to so the rest of us poor slobs with no disposable incomes can feast our hands & eyes upon them.

Amsterdam would be a keen place for those of us who live in Europe.:)
Yeah, Amsterdam is the bomb man....
I've still got rolling papers I bought at
The Smallest Coffeshop
I think it was called.
It was below street level...
And I'm still a proud card-carrying member of that Smokey spot
On Rembrandtplein Strasse.
And I take it by your reaction that these are your first. Remember, the first is always the best! Heh.
Eric I bet you paid an arm and a leg for those....DIDNT YOU?
and weren't you the one trying to sell most of your rare Buk stuff because of something or other? LOL
humor me....care to elaborate?
Yeah, I am selling off Buk titles that I have as long as it's not the bestest copy.....
Like I just came across a 1/100 Hard Cover FIRE STATION for dirt cheap,
So couldn't resist.
I still have the 1/1000 Soft Copy edition, and it's always been for sale because I ideally wanted this Hard Cover....
No, it doesn't make much sense, but sometimes it does :cool:
So by trying to lighten my boxes of Buk and getting some cash,...
Well, I kind of am.
mjp is right, I've never had a letter before and thought these were a bargain.
The guy did a horrible job of 'presenting' them on e-bay,
So didn't get many lookers.
I think I could have them auctioned off and get at least 3X the amount I paid,
But right now I'm loving them and laughing with my luck.
Can't wait to get them to you all,....
And BTW,
Could someone please look them up in those 3 letter books
(I sold mine :) ) Screaming, Living, and Rising (?)
To see if maybe they are already collected.
Both letters are addressed to Steve Richmond, one dated
7-7-88 and the other

Another horribly 'Presented' Buk item on e-bay was in November I think.....
Roominghouse Madrigals, signed and dated, and persumably #ed, and the girl had no idea what it was.
I looked at the picture, and the cloth was a funny color.
Well good old Krumhansl confirmed what I suspected,
and I asked her what the number on it was,
She typed back (most appologetically sounding)
That she could not find a # anywhere only his signature twice, one under a funny drawing, and again beneath a colored full page drawing, and oh, it say Presentation Copy.
Sooooo, I just had to have that too :D
Yeah, I have the same feeling when I see something that isn't presented very well on eBay, like, "This is a jewel just waiting to be plucked!" And a few times it worked out well for me, like it has for you.

Of course we'll probably see less of those steals as more people join this forum. Heh. Talk about shooting your own foot.
I uninstalled and then reinstalled this flippin scanner,
And right now it's working....

Ok, help,
It says my attachments are too big for this forum,
And I'm an idiot....
How do I show them so that you can zoom in on them and read them?
DAMN IT:mad:
Last try....

Buk letter 1984 +.jpg

Buk letter 1988+.jpg
zoom man said:
It says my attachments are too big for this forum
You can email large scans to me if you want those added to the manuscripts section. Send me a private message if you're up for it.

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