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61 years old and I never heard of Bukowski. Someone posted part of Raw with Love on FB and I had to investigate. I felt like I did when I first heard Richard Thompson lyrics.

I have a lot of catching up to do. Books have been ordered.

Fascinating how his editor hijacked his work after his death. Looking for Raw with Love here I found the page from the LA Free Press. So very different from the version you find online. Sanitized, slashed, prettied up. I like it grittier better. That reflects real life.

So much to learn...
Welcome to The Forum, here you can learn plenty about Bukowski and his oeuvre.
I see you've already learned a thing or two. Well done.
The manuscripts thread as well as the database will not disappoint! So much free reading in here its insane. As well as audio recordings, which I really wish there were more of him recording his own work because they are amazingly enjoyable.

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