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I'm still waiting for my avatar to load, but in the meantime... (1 Viewer)

Last night in a fever dream a big-ass bird told me to notify those interested or curious that Post Office #10 will go on the block at eBay Tuesday, 12/2.
12/2 - It seems I am unable to modify the descriptive text on eBay - I wanted to elaborate on a couple of things. The back cover photo shot displays some discoloration, fading at the bottom edge, and a possible defect in the jacket ( top outside corner. ) Those are photographic artifacts, the seeming imperfections are simply nonexistent. As I mention in the listing, we were unable to 100% eliminate some distortion. The back cover is as clean & evenly pigmented as the front cover, there is absolutely no mottling or fading whatsoever.

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First of all, I owned #10 for 15 years and used it as a functional coaster. I read it while i was taking a shit and never washed my hands. In the late '70's, I did a lot of coke and got Hepitatis Z from sharing it with whores. George Clinton got it from me over a bet that seemed legit at the time, but i can't remember to this day. My point is that copy #10 is cursed. You may as well work as a janitor in the new World Trade Center than have this within a 20-mile radious of your penis...
Of course, there are two #10 versions of Post Office. One of 50 signed with art and one of 250 signed w/o art. But that's not important, right? Using penis in a sentence is obviously far more important.
I'm finally debt-free, which is why I'm a little heavy on the keyboard these days.
I'm out, even if Post Office #10 has been handled with a sterile moon suit, but good luck with your auction.
Cool. I'm going to get a ninja to do all of my eBay photos from now on.
I resolved to always use gloves after I saw the cavalier treatment of Post Office #2 at the hands of a PBA employee conducting an auction preview.
In any case, #10 has been handled maybe a dozen times or so.
I still don't see it up there yet, but maybe the marketing plan is to squeeze it in between the next 007 movie and STAR WARS flick in late 2015...

Seriously, shit or get off the shitter so Buk can add a little of his assole blood to that unflushed toilet...

Unless you already sold it to DavidK...
Thanks. I had a small slew of the 50 to choose from, and that art was the biggest, boldest, of the lot. It seemed the most " in-your-face " Bukowski.
is the drawing mocking about the US first landing on the moon shortly before? Like everything, even a shit, has to be marked with their flag. The guy looks like wearing an astronaut's-suite.
damn i missed the end of it!

i was gonna swoop in and steal it for 9 grand...:rollfool:

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