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i'm thinking of selling my first trade ed. of hot water music (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
i have the one with the pink corduroy spine... apparently, there were black-spine ones too. there is a faint smudge on the lower right-hand corner, and a mild slant to the spine.

i checked abe, and the only firsts up there have black spines.. they range from $150 to $300.

what do you think is a fair asking price for mine? i don't want to list it on ebay if my expectations for what it will get me are way off... i like this book a lot, so i don't want to let it go for cheap.

thanks for your input.
wow. That really has gone up in the last couple years. I think that I paid $60 for it a couple years ago. That being said, you are right. The least expensive copy on abe is $150. This and the paper first of Post Office seem to be the two books that have increased in value at an incredible rate in the last two years.

It would depend on how quickly you want to sell the book. The number of copies available on sites like ABE suggests there is plenty of supply, but perhaps not enough demand at the asking price. That is, while it would appear that prices have gone up for this and other titles, this doesn't necessarily mean that they've been selling at these higher prices, just that the booksellers have raised their prices...

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