I'm too lazy to find the n00b thread so... (1 Viewer)

The bot compelled me to make a post and say hello.

See: Hey sandy, what have you got against us? You tease us by registering for the forum and then you don't make your first post. We feel neglected and frankly, kind of used. So come on, say hello. You know you want to. Make us feel loved.

A little about myself: I'm 21, F, and I recently moved to LA. I'm into collecting vinyl, learning the history of random things, and writing short stories in my head because I'm too lazy to actually write them.

There's more but I'll stop here.

...be kind.
New blood
Introduce yourself, tell us how you got here, or just say hello

right underneath the board you posted this on...:p
Welcome to the forum, Lazy Sandy...;)
Tell us about your interest in Buk. What Buk books you've read and so on...
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