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I know some were in this fourm my answere can be found,but i can't find it what work did Buk like the best?and what work of his was he the most proud of?did he ever say he liked one better than the other?looking for the real answere if possible .
in interviews he'd say his latest work was his favourite. i'm not sure he had preferences. at least, he never admitted to having any (as far as i'm aware.) once the work was written, or "out there," he had no further use for it - if we can believe him...
He said his favorite title was 'Confessions of a man insane enough to live with beasts'..."but I threw that one away on a little chapbook".

But, as theonly... says (like Miles) it was always the latest work for Buk. He didn't look back too much.
I don't believe Buk didn't look back. Practical example is what he writes in his diary the captain...when The roominghouse madrigals came out. He said/and you feel/ he was very thrilled.

It was his latest book but not new poetry. Buk didn't tell everything, so as we do.
I know he felt very strongly about the Loujon press publications, It Catches My Heart In Its Hands and not so much for Crucifix In A Death Hand, claiming it was rushed in one hot summer month in New Orleans.

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