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Wanting to get a Bukowski bokk for my girlfriend in German. Would like Septuagenarian Stew or Women.......or anything really. Does anyone know the titles of his books published in German? Can't seem to find much or make sense of the titles, they seem to translate into nothing he has published in English. Any help would be great, my girl needs to experience Bukowski i firmly believe!
Oh, I'm late to the party. Are there still some drinks to have?

Thanks Ponder and Bukfan for guiding the guy to the one and only!
Much appreciated.

In case you haven't found it yet - 'Women' is in German 'Das Liebesleben der Hyäne'.

'Septuagenarian Stew' was split into two books in Germany:
The stories are in 'Jeder zahlt drauf' and still available, while the poems went into a book titled 'Kamikaze Träume' which is out of print now.

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