In Hollywood, Lace and Velvet Along With Bukowski and Liszt (1 Viewer)

In Hollywood, Pomo Theme Dining Along With the Tourists

Not surprising, considering the Disneyfication of Hollywood. When they used to say they were going to "fix up" Hollywood just like they "fixed up" Times Square in New York I would laugh, thinking that kind of money would never be sunk into Hollywood. I was so very wrong. There's not much of the Hollywood of the 70's and 80's left down there.

I liked New York and Los Angeles in the very early 80's when things were still worn down and a little dangerous. Making things safe for souvenir shopping has an overall depressing effect on things. Or on me, I should say, I guess. Though we should have seen this coming when they built the fake street and shops up at Universal Studios and actually got people to go up there to eat and walk around. People will go for anything.
Americans like "nice things"

I liked New York and Los Angeles in the very early 80's when things were still worn down and a little dangerous.

Well, I am surprised Bukowski "found himself" amongst the plush walls of the fancy bookstore - in the fancy part of the town. I suppose even refined public needs, now and then, to flirt with the unusual and crude...?
It's the attraction of an outlaw, like a new found animal species out of the rain forest, so different and strange, violent, but isn't it cute at the same time? Oh we love it, as long as it doesn't crap onto the carpet. We can use it for our image and make $$$$$$$$$$$$ out of King Kong.
San Fransisco doesn't have Hollywood... And I'll admit bits and pieces are questionable...
But it is a bit different. I love this city... I also find parts of LA appealing as well.
But what can i say... I do like visiting new and different places and I haven't been to many places i truly disliked.

And the Disneyfication of Hollywood reminds me of how Las Vegas became a Family town...

I thought it was interesting that the 29 yr old and the 21 yr old thought the place was cool but the couple in their mid 40's sipping Absinthe Cocktails were "Displeased"...
I actually completely agree with you and take much of the same approach when it comes to both cities. I used to live in the TL and really loved my time in San Francisco. Each city has its own style and I think the attitude is very different, although I will say that most San Franciscans I've met spend a lot of time hating LA and most LA people I've met think SF is a great place to visit. I've been in situations where my LA friends were blatantly shunned by SF residents who think their shit doesn't shit because of their environmentally safe, vegan, bike riding, peace loving attitudes, which I don't know...just feels like a bunch of horse shit to me sometimes.

SF tends to be a bit too politically charged...and well, it's supposed to be, it's San Francisco. Also, there's places like *cough cough* the Marina that is just as bad as *cough cough* Hollywood/Downtown hipsters.

I have great friends in SF and I go there often. The guy who introduced me to Bukowski lives by Dolores Park. Nothing like getting super baked and hanging out in Dolores Park on a Saturday afternoon.
I don't get wrapped up in the politics and the environmental bullshit of SF because honestly I just don't care.I love the character that SF has and LA lacks (especially now) I certainly don't miss the 100 degrees days so I just spend my time writing,consuming caffeine (love that I don't have to choose from Starbucks or the Coffee Bean) and drinking in the TL.there is no place like the 'Loin and the most "interesting" people can be found there.maybe its just because I was born in the TL.I don't hate LA (well I do hate the Dodgers) I'm just glad I don't live there anymore.
And, "I don't hate people. I just seem to feel better when they're not around". :)
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