In how many languages was Bukowski translated ?


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Bukowski poetry collections were published in Iran back in the late 90s. I had some email correspondence with the guy who translated them. So "for the first time" may not exactly be accurate.
The Captain Is Out to Lunch... has now been translated to Korean. And looking around on Instagram, it appears Women and Factotum have been translated to Korean as well.



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Most Buk covers are okay. I like the look of the upcoming anthology Essential Bukowski. This thread got me searching and I saw this Spanish ed that I like a lot.

here are mine, in brazil, but there are more published in here.

Title here - how it would be in english - original - publisher
Numa fria - On trouble (?) - Hot Water Music - L&PM Pocket
O amor é um cão dos diabos - same as original - Love is a dog from hell - L&PM Pocket
Escrever para não enloquecer - Write to not go mad (?) - On writing - L&PM Editores
O capitão saiu para o almoço e os marinheiros tomaram conta do navio - same as original - Captain is out to lunch and the sailors have taken the ship - L&PM Pocket
maldito deus arrancando esses poemas de minha cabeça - damn god ripping these poems off my head - ***this is a antology put together by the brazilian poet Fernando Koproski from 16 buk's books** - 7Letras
Mulheres - same as original - Women - L&PM Pocket
Textos autobiográficos - Autobiographical texts - Run With the Hunted: a Charles Bukowski Reader - L&PM Pocket
Factótum - Factótum - Factotum - L&PM Pocket

Most of the texts are translated by the same person, Pedro Gonzaga. However, it's a completely different experience reading Buk's on original.

As you guys were saying, translating is always tricky. I actually wrote an essay about that for the UN Contest on muntilingual abilities and global citizens, using the brazilian writer João Guimarães Rosa as an example for his work and his use of language, known for its neologisms and spoken portuguese. My essay wasnt the winner one, so what do I know? :p

Nevertheless some titles in portuguese are quite funny if you think about the original.


the Normandie poster, but its credited to a brazilian painter in my copy, which makes no sense.

Post Office is also translated for PT-BR under the title Cartas na Rua (Letters on the street).

the Normandie poster, but its credited to a brazilian painter in my copy, which makes no sense.
In Normandie, Her Life and Times, it's credited as a "Cassandra poster" which is a typo for A.M. Cassandre, whose real name was Adolphe Mouron. He was originally from The Ukraine but grew up in Paris.
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