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Hi,i am from Serbia,Europe. I am 20 years old and i started to read Bukowski about 7 months ago,i found his books in local library. I don't speak English so well so i apologize on some mistakes in grammar.

First book was erotic son,i don't know how to translate well. That was his first book that i read. And i was supprised and i was laughing all the time,and i read other books,i will read shakespeare,and crazy in LA. I have so many queostins but i don't want to be boring. When i started to read him my view on life is changed and i don't know how to live anymore. To follow Bukoski thought or to live how i lived....
How did you live before you discovered Bukowski?
"erotic son" must be "Women" and "crazy in L.A.,
well, I'm not sure, please tell about the content of the book.
Don't worry about asking questions, just shoot.

Probably it is ham on ruy. Book is very funny,tragicomic. Book talks about his childhood,school years,acne,his father and mother,his thoughts,about girls,his fantasies...That was his first book that i read,but later i heard that mostly of his books he wrote because he need money. I live same like before Bukowski,but my thoughts are not same.

I will start college for few days,but i hate that,i don't live on the street but i wish try all that like Bukowski tried...but i Bukowski was real motherfucker,and he knew street in soul,and i am mother son...

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