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The other thread got me thinking that many of you are probably in need of good titles for your upcoming book projects, so I thought this would be a good place to gather them for your use. I will start some lucky writer(s) off with these, in a introductory sale of $129 each, $329 for the entire ThreePak™®:

That Stupid God Damn Coconut Hat Of Yours Has Given Me A Rash
Flippant, That's What She Was, Yet I Miss Her More Than I Miss My Mother's Warm Embrace
Gumball Lizard Brains And Chicken Bone Jewelry Aside, This Place Sucks

If anything is misspelled you have to use it as-is. No refunds.
Tits, Ass & Money, and, ShutUp And Buy, ain't too bad either. Of course, names like, Be My Urinal, and, Lost Orgasm, have a certain poetic ring to them too.
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long fun names are okay but what about short evil titles, like:
Baby Anvil
Duckling Smear
Skull Implosion
Broken Eggs

$19.99 each, reduced to $14.99 if you misspell them.
300 blank pages you can smear your feces on
An artbook, of course. Men's edition.

300 blank pages onto which you can smear your feces if you'd like
Woman's edition.

$15.95 each, $29.95 if you buy both titles. Money doesn't stink.
Sea looks rough today, better get my swimming aids

Swimming Aids: Full Blown

You Kick Harder When You're Swimming Without Arms

Buy two for £10, get one free.
The last surreal battle of the mongoloid ($2.95)

Haloperidol knocks out lysergic acid diethylamide in the first round, back into the wheelchair ($3.95)

I'm not suffering from multiple personality disorder, I'm multi-talented, now give us our medication, the others can't wait, Suzie says ($4.95)

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